Our ale enthusiasts chose their ‘blonde’

With the summer approaching James our landlord and deputy Ben (who has joined the team from the Cholmondeley Arms) have been running a competition to find the ‘Byley Blonde’ Ale!! Three Brewers were asked to present a Blonde Ale (which had already been narrowed down from seven ales by James) to the Three Greyhounds Inn and our customers decided who the victor should be on a blind tasting. The date for the launch of the taste challenge was Thursday 18th April 2013 and lasted until the first barrel went!! The beers were badged with our specially designed badges with pop art versions of iconic ‘blondes’. (See below)



The three brewers can now be revealed!! Tatton Brewery from Knutsford represent by Debbie Harry, Merlin Brewery from near Sandbach represented by Kate Moss and Weetwood Brewery in Tarporley represented by Marilyn Monroe!!! All brewers are within the 30 mile radius of the pub and all are craft brewers.

I am not sure whether our older clientele were influenced by the Marilyn Monroe badge but the winning Blonde came from Weetwood Brewery!!! All of the ales were excellent and were thoroughly enjoyed!! So our seasonal summer blonde ale has been agreed and will badged as BYLEY BLONDE!!

We are currently working on the badge design and the beer will be launched later in May! So please allow us a ‘blonde moment’ or two!!

Thank you to all our customers who helped choose the ale!!

Since we opened the doors of the new Three Greyhounds Inn we have had a really great response to our ‘house ales’ and our seasonal ales too. On centre pump is our resident ale (unless James sells out of course) Three Greyhounds Bitter a traditional 4.5% bitter smooth and creamy and rich in flavour. The second of our resident ales is Almighty Allostock Ale otherwise known as ‘Almighty’ or Triple ‘A’, this is a hoppy 3.8% ‘bittermans bitter’!!! Then our seasonal Ales…Lower Peover Pride a very low 2.6% ABV beer which has proved popular as an alternative to bitter shandy!! Finally there is Byley Bomber a celebration ale in recognition of the Wellington Bomber built at Byley and flown out of RAF Cranage during WW2. The badge also recognises 96 Squadron who flew Hurricanes out of Cranage defending the north west from German air attack in WW2.


Tim Bird

Cheshire Cat Trio completed!!



Loyal customer and very keen cyclist Jonathon is the first of our cycling customers to complete the ‘Cheshire Cat Pub to Pub to Pub (Trio) Challenge’.

Setting out from near Knutsford in pretty cold and snowy conditions Jonathon headed first to our Cholmondeley Arms Pub out near Malpas on the A49 heading to Whitchurch!! The picture shows just how snowy Cholmondeley was compared to the rest of the county. Having taken on a warm hot chocolate for energy, Jonathon then headed to our next pub the Three Greyhounds Inn at Allostock. Conditions here were much better for a cycling enthusiast. After another picture outside this pub it was on for the final leg of the journey to a rather misty Bulls Head before heading home for a hot shower and an early night. Just over 70 miles later without any performance enhancing drugs or a Steak and Ale Pie even!!! The respective pub teams gave Jonathon a warm welcome as well as helping with photo taking and ensuring he was back on his bike for the next leg of this journey!!

Jonathon commented “I was at a loss as to where to go on my Sunday ride today. So thought I would tackle that well known ride ‘The Cheshire Cat Trio’!! Cholmondley is a little further down the A49 than I thought and there was also more snow than I anticipated when I got there but I am thrilled to be the first of many to hopefully tackle the challenge!!”

Well done Jonathon a great effort and there is a Pie waiting at a pub of your choice from the trio as and when you have recovered!!!

If you are a keen cyclist and want to be listed as a ‘Cheshire Cat Trio Cycling Challenge beater’ then set out and ensure your photo is taken with your trusty bike at each pub with the signs in the background of each picture and send them to info@cheshirecatpubsandbars.co.uk. You will get your photo in our ‘hall of fame’ and we will send you a ‘refreshment voucher’ as well as a pint on us at the final pub!!

Thanks again to Jonathon for taking on the challenge and beating it!!!






Byley Bomber fly’s in for Christmas!!!

Byley Bomber beer badge

Byley Bomber beer badge

James our landlord has chatted with a few regulars here at the Three Greyhounds Inn and done a little research and has come up with a commemorative Ale to recognise the great history of the local area around our pub.

“Byley Bomber” is a great 3.8% abv session Ale which will feature as a guest ale for many years to come. It celebrates firstly RAF Cranage which was a Royal Air Force station during the Second World War. The airfield was located just to the North of Middlewich.

The site at Cranage was chosen for use as a training base and aircraft maintenance unit in August 1939. Originally just a grass airfield, three runways were later built from American metal plank. The airfield unusually had eight blister hangars for maintenance use.

The first flying unit was No. 2 School of Air Navigation which was formed on 21 October 1940. It operated the twin-engined Avro Anson for training navigators. In 1942 the unit was renamed the Central Navigation School and the strength was increased to 58 Ansons, they were joined two years later by a number of Vickers Wellingtons in the same role. It is the Wellington bomber that is celebrated on the badge and names the beer.

A Vickers-Armstrong shadow factory assembling Wellingtons, was situated at Byley but close to the Cranage airfield. The completed aircraft would be towed from the factory to the airfield for their first flight and onward delivery.

The beer badge also reflects the formation of 96 Squadron in December 1940 at RAF Cranage, which was equipped with Hawker Hurricanes. This unit operated in the night air-defence role, mainly in the protection of the industrial and port areas of Liverpool.

The only flying unit on the airfield after the war was No. 190 Gliding School which was formed in May 1945 and operated from the site for two years. With their departure, flying ceased at Cranage. The airfield was used for storage and maintenance until it closed in 1958.

Great history indeed and what a great beer too!!





Vickers Wellington

Vickers Wellington

The new Three Greyhounds Inn opens in style!!

Opening night at the new Three Greyhounds Inn was celebrated with the arrival of the real three greyhounds…muzzles and all.

Our wonderful gardener and great raconteur from our Cholmondeley Arms pub, Johnny, popped in on opening night with his good lady wife and son. He brought along his three pet greyhounds to celebrate the re-opening of our historic country pub.

Customers and the team all came out to give the dogs a pat on the head.

We are delighted to be open and thank you to all who have visited us over the opening weekend and all the positive feedback we have received.

Somebody has to do it!!

As you can see there was a lot of wine to look at for the new Three Greyhounds Inn wine list!!! Sitting on table 10 at our Bulls Head in Mobberley working with our wine supplier to decide the reds, whites and rose for the list.

For those who know us well the wines by the glass are the most important to us and we have selected some new wines in this area. Without giving too much away we will be pouring a beautiful Malbec by the glass which has an attachment with Jodrell Bank!!!

Anyway big thanks to Danny and Joe for bring great wines to the table.

We can’t wait to get started now!!!

Yew Tree sadly has to be taken down.

We are sorry to announce that the old Yew Tree at the front of the pub has had to be taken down. The roots of the tree are upsetting the foundations of the pub and in order for us to carry out the major restoration works needed to rescue this pub we have been given absolutely no choice.

The plan was to create a green in front of the pub with the tree as a center piece but sadly this was not possible. We will still be creating the little green and a new Yew Tree will be planted in the garden where the sun shines all day. The tree had also become an eyesore with huge amounts of cement around the trunk to stop growth and frankly was used as a rather large ashtray too!!!

As the work commenced on the tree parts of it were found to be dead behind the cement.

Sometimes changes have to be made for the better and the benefits are that the building won’t fall down and we have a lovely view of the famous ‘Three Greyhounds Inn’, a pub which had closed down. We are in the pub restoration business and the Three Greyhounds Inn will be restored beyond its former glory….a beautiful country pub, ‘local and proud.