Calling all Car Clubs and Car Meet Organisers!

Arrange your ‘Car Meet’ at the Cholmondeley Arms. All Car Clubs are welcome. The ‘Chum’ makes a great pitstop for your drive out day, with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available to pre-booked Car Clubs and their members.

We have a great history of entertaining some of Cheshire’s most famous Car Clubs from the South Cheshire Raiders to the Old Toads Car Club and from Porsche Northwest Club to the Morgan Club.

We also have our own Three Greyhounds Inn Car Club if you wish to join a great mix of car enthusiasts and indeed our larger Cheshire Cat Pubs Car Club for larger meets.

Please email us on or ring us on 01565 723455 to find out more.

Car Club Meet 19, a great sign off to a great year!

Car Meet 19 (like Car Meet 17) had to be moved because of the weather to Sunday 20th October, as we welcomed over 40 cars at least to another great meet here at the Cholmondeley Arms. The weather wasn’t as forecasted, as showers hampered proceedings somewhat, but the turnout was fantastic for the time of year! Thank you to everyone who ‘rocked up’. It was great to see familiar faces along with some new cars and owners too. The owners gathered inside the Chum, in the main and enjoyed warming coffees and teas and of course the bacon butties.

The Cars of the Day were Mike and his impressive Ford GT 40, pictured, then Colin and his unique VW Beetle who picked up ‘best in class’ and finally Terry in his amazing Amphicar 770 from 1962 which still doubles up as a boat at 7 miles an hour and a car at 70 miles an hour, hence the numbers after the name! This was ‘Cherished car of the day’.

Pictured as well, are all the cars (hope I didn’t miss anyone!) that kindly joined us for the morning. In the end the sun came out and all was well for the final meet of the season.

I just want to say how very grateful we are, for all the amazing support the car events have had this season. We have seen an array of wonderful cars in all aspects across the pubs, dating back to Veterans and Vintages and many Classics plus of course ‘performance’ and ‘cherished cars’ too. We look forward to some very special events next year. See you all next season. Events will kick of next April 2020.